Some artists stay the same over time.  Not Jacqueline.  Over time, she has developed as a songwriter.  "Topsy Turvy" has more depth harmonically and melodically than her earlier work.  It is more sophisticated and shows more imagination.  She seems to have used a winning combination of what she has studied and what she has experienced.  "Topsy Turvy" has more "umph"--more you can sink your teeth into.  Some jazz fans might not get it, but it's hot.” - Hilliard "Hill" Greene, jazz bassist extraordinaire
[Rain] is a powerful recording.  It starts with intensity that sets up for a moving develop section and when the listener is at the beginning of the release, they begin to be taken on a fast ride to an ultimate climax by the soaring trumpet lead in a short amount of time.” - Hilliard "Hill" Greene, jazz bassist extraordinaire
Review of "My Man's Gone Now," by Jacqueline Hopkins.  This is a haunting, riveting version of the "Porgy and Bess" tune.  Jacqueline's voice is excellent, with a very wide range.  I almost cried at the end of the song.  Play this song, and, believe me, you won't be disappointed.” - Ira Wolfe

— Jazz Fan